Why Choose Plantation Shutters

Apart from reasons of style and taste, choosing plantation shutters for your home has number of benefits, including…

Reduced Heating Costs

Closing shutters at dusk will help insulate windows and dramatically reduce heating bills. Having a layer of hardwood between you and your windows is far more efficient at holding heat than curtains or blinds.

Health Benefits

Although dust will settle on the shutter louvres, it is easier to clean them than traditional blinds and curtains. Dust cannot penetrate the hardwood shutters, whereas heavy curtains and most types of blinds store dust in their fibres. This in turn creates a breeding ground for dust mites, which can cause allergies and itching. When compared to traditional window coverings, interior shutters are very low maintenance, requiring a simple wipe down with a feather duster.

Security & Privacy

Due to the flexible design of indoor shutters, the bottom section of slats can be angled to ensure you and the contents of your room remain private, whilst the top section of shutter slats can be opened to allow light into the room. This is an added advantage for those living adjacent to a roadside and wanting to keep unwelcome attention out.

Full light control & UV protection

Shutters for house windows give a level of light control which is superior to any other window covering. The shutter louvres can be angled to control the level of light entering your room. If more light is required the panels can be opened back fully. By angling the light upwards, the shutter louvres will help protect furniture and flooring by filtering the sun’s harmful UV rays away, however the shutters themselves will not fade as all our shutters are finished with a UV protective paint or stain.

Child Safe

Plantation Shutters are ideal for nurseries, children’s rooms and playrooms thanks to their clean design, with no risk of accidents relating to hazardous cords or chains.