Our range of plantation shutters

Whilst most homes opt for a very similar plantation shutter look, there is actually still a huge range of options available to create your bespoke shutters. Each element of your shutters can be configured to offer a look that’s unique to your home…

Slat Size

Our plantation shutters come in a range of slat sizes to suit all windows and interior styles. Smaller slats offer a more detailed traditional look, whilst larger slats create a more open contemporary and minimal look.

Larger slats suit larger windows better and by their very nature allow more light to penetrate the room.

Panel Choices

South Beach shutter panels are available in a collection of styles to suit your windows and privacy requirements. Café style shutters offer a partial coverage in the classic cafe style, whilst tier-on-tier adds an upper portion, still independently operated. Full height shutters can be supplied with or with a mid-rail to reflect your window design and allow for ultimate control of light and privacy. All our variations are available with slats or as solid panels.


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Quality Hardwood

At South Beach Shutters, you won’t see sight of MDF around here. We are specialists in quality hardwood shutters at MDF prices. Shutters that still wow but are priced with your pocket in mind.


Our Hybrawood shutter range, the most affordable of our ranges offers you something genuinely special, a cut way above MDF. The outer bones of the shutter is constructed from solid hardwood, with an ultra-durable aluminium core running through each of the polyvinyl slats making it significantly longer lasting than other entry-level and MDF shutters on the market and resists damage. It’s built to last, it’s strong, and will age well with time.


Made from 100% premium basswood timber. While it’s solid wood material brings all the benefits of timber, the Basswood range is made with light, easy to lift, mount and work with basswood. It’s this lightness that makes it the ideal shutter for hanging across large windows and doorways. What’s more, any custom shape can be catered for. Curved, triangular, conservatory windows, you name it we make it.

Fast-growing Basswood has a smooth, even grain and is 100% ethically sourced from an FSC certified supply chain.

Ash Wood

An outstanding shutter, with the deepest of grains, and our most luxurious offering. Its deep textured grain visible through paint or stain gives a sophisticated natural coastal look.

Ash Hardwood is one of the finest materials a shutter can be carved from. Working with our trusted wood suppliers we select only the best grade Ash to build our premium shutter range from. It’s a cut above the rest.


The hard as nails shutter, resistant to water and humidity. For those areas of the home where windows are in direct contact with water, you want shutters that will stand up to moisture and not warp over time. South Beach Shutters’ waterproof shutters are built to withstand the harshest of environments, 100% waterproof. They will not fade, warp or peel, but, look just like wood, giving the same, dramatic effect as any other wooden shutter in your kitchen or bathroom, while offering 100% water resistance. Unlike other polyvinyl shutters on the market, we paint our PV shutters with the same PU paint we use on our wood ranges. This gives them a substantially better, higher quality look and feel versus your average ‘snap together’ PV shutters which are simply extruded with the colour in the plastic.


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Hidden Rod

Whilst traditional shutters feature a centred tilt rod for angling the slats, a more contemporary, minimal look is achieved with hidden tilt rods at no extra cost, the mechanism is built into the frame for a sleeker appearance.

Above — Hidden Rod


Above — Centre Tilt Rod


Colour Range

Our bespoke colour matching service ensures our shutters are available in an almost infinite range of colours on top of our standard palette. We can match to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux, or RAL colour to ensure a seamless look with your home.


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Hinge Options

Our hinges are available in a range of finishes to complete your plantation shutters. Whilst many opt for white, we also offer cream, antique brass, polished brass, chrome, black to complement your other interior details.


From the initial measuring up to the installation, I cannot fault their service. They arrived at the times that were arranged, and carried out the work efficiently (and were very friendly).

Mr D